Friday, April 20, 2007

casting on

I decided that the knitting content on my blog vegi patch needed it's own space - I may occationally cross post, but my intent is to use this blog for the more dedicated knitting stuff that my family and friends aren't as excited about as I am.

My current projects are all out of control and I have a strict rip or finish policy in place right now. One thing that slipped through was this phat software I purchase from The Knit Foundry called Knit Visualizer.

Just a positioning statement, I'm not a fan of line by line directions - they have their place, and their ardent fans but I'm not one of them. I own all of Barbara Walker's stitch pattern books and used to systematically chart them out. Knit Visualizer allows you to type in the driections line by line as written and viola! chart with key and everything :D

I charted out this one pattern I have never been able to get right with the written directions - the Porcupine stitch. Barbara attributes it to the early victorina era for the making of reversable shawls, scarves and "clouds". This is the chart from the line by line directions in BW's 2nd treasury:

and this is the result in Noro, Kureyon:

and I might add, now I can make REALLY BIG CHARTS and go easy on the eyes.

cheers, kate <3


At April 25, 2007 7:17 AM , Blogger Erik E said...

sweet. love the noisy randomness.

Malcolm would be proud.



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